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Featured Novel (8/4/2017): Scfi Fi

2287 A.D.: A Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi Fantasy (The Ashlyn Chronicles Book 1)

2287 A.D. is a *controversial, #1 BEST SELLING, Kindle ALL-STAR, TOP 100 of ALL AMAZON BOOKS, having sold over 100,000 copies in its first year. It is 640 pages of post-apocalyptic, FANTASY/ SCI-FI and the 1st book of ‘The Ashlyn Chronicles’ series.

PLEASE NOTE: The heroes in our novel have superlative, BIGGER THAN LIFE abilities, similar to those used by various characters in Star Trek; the ‘FORCE’ in STAR WARS and Ray Harryhausen’s 60’s classic, ‘Jason and the Argonauts.’ They are all norms in today’s hybrid FANTASY / SCI-FI fiction world where rules are often bent for entertainment value. 2287 is fantasy/sci-fi, NOT hard military fiction.
*Very important note for readers: While 2287 is a fictional story, the ancient ‘alien uplift’ version of creation seems to have offended some readers religious beliefs, which was never our intent. Primarily, it has been one large christian congregation which has banned together. So, due to the number of negative reviews and hateful emails we’ve received from them and others about the retelling, we decided to include the following warning:

If you have religious beliefs that will be offended by an alien UPLIFT story of creation, please do NOT buy this book.

To put it simply, we wanted 2287 A.D. to be a fun, FICTIONAL and entertaining story for the open-minded, mature reader.

So grab your favorite chair, a cold drink and a bag of chips. It’s time to cut-loose, have fun and enjoy the ride.
2287 A.D. is the 1st novel of an epic series about post-apocalyptic survival, time travel, love, sacrifice and redemption amid the ultimate battle for mankind’s survival.

It follows the lives of Ashlyn Parker and Steven Sherrah, the man who is in command of Earth’s last surviving starship. He has been struggling to keep the handful of Earth’s survivors alive, hiding from the most vicious and powerful enemy humanity has ever known, an enemy that is relentless in his determination to see that every last human is killed.

His life is turned upside down as Ashlyn, a woman genetically engineered to be mentally and physically perfect – the next step in humanity’s evolution, awakens from stasis. For her protection, she had been cryogenically frozen when Earth was attacked. Her return is brutal, for she awakens fifteen years later into a post-apocalyptic Earth to find that everyone she had known before is gone, the world destroyed.

From the first moment that her distress signal is received and Steven rescues Ashlyn, his heart is inexplicably drawn to her, as she is to him. Her presence challenges his loyalty to those whom he loves and all that he has ever known. For within Ashlyn, she holds the secret to a shared past that he had never known existed. A past which will take them back in time almost 7,000 years, where they will journey through strange new worlds, changing the history of the universe for all time, and our understanding of everything as we know it.
2287 A.D. is packed full of action and adventure. We hope that you too will enjoy a story that moves quickly.
OUR THANKS TO: Zechariah Sitchin, the Ancient Aliens show, Jason Martel, Erich von Daniken, Richard C. Hoagland, George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe, Georgio A. Tsoukalos and Geral Clark.