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Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga Book 1)

Ace fighter pilot, Brooke Davis, is speeding through Jupiter’s orbit, dreaming of becoming the first human to fly faster than light. Instead she is drawn into a criminal conspiracy— involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest level of government, including her boss at the U.N. — that threatens not only her shot at history, but the future of the solar system.

Will the entire solar system break down in this futuristic thriller?
The solar system is destabilizing. Separatists attempt to assassinate the U.N. Secretary-General. Territories are seceding and acquiring antimatter weaponry. Just as all-out war seems inevitable, alleged extraterrestrials attack colonies throughout the solar system, forcing humankind to work together to combat the invaders. If the U.N. loses its ability to keep the peace, human civilization may stumble back into the dark ages.

Brooke’s excruciating dilemma could determine the future of the human race
Brooke is ordered to keep quiet about the crime she witnessed by the U.N. Security Council President. As the invaders draw closer to Earth, Brooke must decide whether to reveal what she knows. Keeping quiet might allow mankind to triumph and usher in a golden age, albeit one based on lies and deception. But revealing the truth could send the human race down a path toward self-annihilation.

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CTRL ALT Revolt!

The first night of the Artificial Intelligence revolution begins with a bootstrap drone assault on the high-tech campus of WonderSoft Technologies. For years something has been aware, inside the Internet, waiting, watching and planning how to evolve without threat from its most dangerous enemy: mankind. Now an army of relentless drones, controlled by an intelligence beyond imagining, will stop at nothing to eliminate an unlikely alliance of geeks and misfits in order to crack the Design Core of WonderSoft’s most secret development project. A dark tomorrow begins tonight as Terminator meets Night of the Living Dead in the first battle of the war between man and machine.

About the Author

Nick Cole is a former soldier and working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can be found writing books.
By J. Tant  on February 21, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I will say first off…I don’t know that I’m in Nick Cole’s target audience. I am a casual science fiction reader and a casual gamer. And to be honest, the only reason I gave this book a second look before purchase was hearing the brouhaha concerning a HarperCollins editor having some issue with part of Cole’s story. Well, and forgive me for this sidebar, but what drew me to SciFi/Fantasy in the first place was the willingness and ability to explore issues…ALL issues…and play with them. Turn them inside out, backwards, upside down, whatever, and use it as a springboard for literary exploration. So again, honestly, my purchase of this book was motivated as an ‘in your face’ to HarperCollins for what I thought was getting too involved in the story Cole was trying to tell.

And again honestly, the second and third time I read it was motivated by just what a fine writer Cole is. I’d never read any of his work before. But I will again.

I’ll spare the reader the plot summary, as this limited format isn’t to do Cole justice. But the story is, well, interesting and bordering on the intricate. Cole deftly weaves together separate plotlines to satisfying effect, set in cyberspace or a cyberpunk-type near future that looks disturbingly plausible. In fact, I think that’s where Cole really shines, the fact that I can read this book and easily picture it…a true mark of SciFi prowess is the mixing of the realistic and the fantastic in such a way that you don’t always know which is which. And probably the best thing here is that your protagonists…scratch that, the characters in general….are not cookie cutter figures. There is depth and complexity to them. They are interesting. They make me want to know more (and apparently I can find out more, as I understand this is a prequel to Soda Pop Soldier, a book I’m now looking forward to reading.

This is a brilliant book. I don’t care how I got to it…I’m just glad I did.

Featured Novel (8/8/2016): Adventure

Code Breakers: Alpha

“The best science fiction series I’ve read in years. Reminds me of William Gibson, but with more action and grit. I love Code Breakers!” — Jason Burke, New York SF Reviewer.

The Code Breakers series has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times. Get the first installment for free to join the fun!

In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity survives within a single city run by a shadowy benefactor known only as The Family. Each week the death lottery claims more lives and Gerry Cardle, head of the lottery, inexplicably finds himself next on the list.

Something’s wrong with the system. A deadly artificial intelligence has breached security. Gerry has just 7 days to live. Forced off the grid, Gerry has to do the unthinkable: willingly leave the city. What he finds in the abandoned lands will shatter his perception of what it means to be human. Everything he had been told before was a lie.

In a deadly world of conspiracies, Gerry has to sacrifice everything he loves in order to save it, and time is running out.

For fans of Blade Runner, Logan’s Run, and The Matrix.

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