“Thru My Eyes” Book I

“Thru My Eyes” Book I

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The things one child saw, others did not. Twelve-year-old Malina, a shy timid child seemed to always be afraid. The sound of his voice would send her into a frenzy. How could such an incredibly handsome man be such a terror of a human being?
The fear of a gangster father, the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, her mother. A mother with such rare beauty, she should have been a movie star, a celebrity, a model, anything but his wife.

Startled, I heard my mom in her room crying, such a sad, distant cry, then like the exploding of a bomb, I heard him thrust her to the floor.
My my eyes were wide open now, I saw him on top of her. He had her pinned to the floor with his body straddling hers. She was struggling and squirming, trying to get free from his grasp, which was completely impossible for her to do. His fingers wrapped around her throat, at the same time smashing the butt of a pistol into her face, all while choking her. He beat her till he himself passed out from his drunken stupor. For a second I thought they were both dead. Mom struggled to lift herself from the floor, blood all over her face and body.

Quietly she tiptoed past him. I don’t know why she didn’t pick up that gun and kill him? Just blow his fucking head off for what he had just done to her. It would have been justified. One look at her face anyone could tell she has just been beat by a fucking madman.

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Malinda Castoreno


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