‘Round ‘n ‘Round the Hill

‘Round ‘n ‘Round the Hill

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Anagril is not accepted in the village of her father’s family, they are frightened of her. Her fairy mother left her with a human and never returned, yet her father told his daughter she’d died. Her father is killed in a car crash and she moves from London to her families Fairy Cottage to start a new life, but why does she feel someone is watching her? She loves Daniel and finally agrees to marry him. They become friends with two strange cousins. Anagril feels attracted to Paul but refuses to give in to the strong attraction, while the other, Owen, becomes her confidant. But she is betrayed, for the “cousins” are working to a plan which almost drives Anagril to madness. Below the hill, hidden away for centuries, is a fairy city and the fairies want Anagril, she is crucial to their long-term plan. Their powerful wizards must make her give up her world and descend into the darkness and one day become a fairy queen.
The fairies want their kin, but she loves a mortal. Over time she cannot resist the world beneath the hill, but she cannot let go of the sunlit world either and she is torn between her love for three very different men. But the darkness holds worse than the cruel fairies and Anagril, still partly human, must make hard choices as the world of her mother beckons and finally engulfs her. And what of her true love Daniel? Must she leave her old life and live in the darkness beneath the Earth?

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Angela B Mortimer


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