Insect – Sci-fi Horror Movie Script: Dominant Creature Of A Lesser God

Insect – Sci-fi Horror Movie Script: Dominant Creature Of A Lesser God

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Bruno, an entomologist, found a way to create human-sized insects, by combining a wasp with a mantis, using cockroaches as the host for their larvae. The result is a female that acts like a human. “SHE” and Bruno evolve a unique type of relationship with each other.

Bruno Ledermann is a brilliant entomologist. He is teaching in the university of Berlin. His life couldn’t be any better, especially after he inherited a large house and a good amount of money from his late aunt. It is the perfect time for him to finally propose to his girlfriend Sylvia. He plans everything perfectly for the evening, but a small disgusting detail in the dinner he prepared for her, lead them to a terrible fight, which results in a gruesome accident for Sylvia.

Years later, Bruno is only focusing on his work. He is close to complete one of the most important experiments in the history of mankind, that will probably bring his the Nobel Prize for Biology and Science. He succeeded creating the first human-sized insects, by providing extra amount of oxygen and perfect conditions for each generation to grow a bit larger. He is using the parasitoid ways of the Emerald Wasp, that is inserting the egg into a cockroach host for it to feed from the host and to hatch out of it when large enough. Bruno replaces the typical American cockroach with the giant burrowing cockroach for even better results, forcing the wasps to adapt to the situation.

His first presentation in a scientific conference in Heidelberg in Germany, shocks the attending audience, especially the pictures and the videos he has brought there. Bruno leaves the last part of the experiment intentionally out of the presentation. The latest generation of wasps has been infused with the DNA of mantids and human stem cells. The result is an astonishing creature, a female, with the size of a human being and great communication skills. Bruno focuses on her after returning from the conference. He is so proud of his work of and of her, that he even goes beyond any human fantasy and tries to come closer to the insect.

The same night that Bruno and “SHE” finally kissed (probably one of the most disturbing moments in cinematic history), two guys break in inside his laboratory, trying to steal what they saw on the videos in the conference. They have no idea about the other side of the story and they eventually get trapped inside the tubes of the laboratory, that lead to the wasps. The result of that night, is that the male version of the mantid-wasp, which would serve as the partner for the female, dies after consuming human parts.

Bruno is devastated after he finds out about the massacre in his laboratory and tries to move on, as if nothing has happened. He works harder for finding a way to fertilize the female. He has no clue that the reproductive organs in “SHE” are those of the wasp, although she looks more like a mantis from outside. That means only one thing, “SHE” needs a host. The host will eventually be a woman, who showed great interest in Bruno’s work and about him in general as a man. Bruno uses her for providing the perfect host, especially since she is already five months pregnant.

INSECT is not a crossover between Cronenberg’s The Fly and Splice, and obviously has nothing to do with Starship Troopers, Eight Legged Freaks or other giant insect-monster movies. The script pays close detail to how such an experiment would even be possible and on how insects would grow larger, when given the opportunity. Insects are so different than animals and humans, but at the same time they could be very close to us, if they were bigger in scale. They are very clever and some species like the praying mantis can actually communicate well with humans. INSECT is very scientific, very disturbing, very natural, very psychological…

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