A Chaser on the Rocks

A Chaser on the Rocks

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Hardened by the mean streets of Belfast, ex-cop Brian Caskey works as a struggling PI. He is isolated and erratic, often losing the battle to maintain his fragile mental health. Caskey escapes the real world by writing crime fiction stories about a 1940’s PI investigating mysteries during the Belfast Blitz.
‘A Chaser on the Rocks’ follows both of these characters in parallel as a ‘novel within a novel’. The two stories collide in adramatic conclusion set against the backdrop of The Giant’s Causeway.
Simon Maltman has created a modern noir with a new twist, a dash of black humour and a fresh approach and comment onstorytelling.
Previous press for Simon Maltman:
“I’m amazed how a writer can cram so much into such a short space of narrative. You hit the ground running and it’s a sprint finish.”
Crime Book Junkie
“Praise Satan for Bangorian Simon Maltman.”
Irish News
“Long may he continue.”
Hotpress magazine
“A compelling tale… a short but snappy read that gives a fresh glimpse into a life of crime and where it can lead you.”
“Those who foresaw the end of the book as artefact with the coming of the digital age hadn’t banked on the ingenuity and skill of a number of young writers who are converting the e-book into a work of artistic relevance. Such a case is that of Simon Maltman, a multifaceted writer and musician from Bangor.”
Dr David M. Clark
Director Departamento de Filoloxía Inglesa
Universidade da Coruña

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