2287 A.D.: After Destruction – A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (The Ashlyn Chronicles Book 1)

2287 A.D.: After Destruction – A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (The Ashlyn Chronicles Book 1)

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Just .99 cents + 2 FREE gifts today … to honor the release of the sequel, 2288 A.D. “2287 is the 1st book of the blockbuster series of post-apocalyptic survival, time travel, love, sacrifice and redemption. Amazing!” Kirkus

2287 A.D. is a *controversial, #1 BEST SELLING, Kindle ALL-STAR (TOP 100 AMAZON BOOK) that has SOLD over 100,000 copies in its first year.

As a thank you, you will RECEIVE (2) FREE 2287 A.D. COLLECTORS ITEMS: An HD copy of the cover featuring Ashlyn AND the original, more risque cover that Amazon wouldn’t allow us to use – done by World Class Illustrator, Claudio Aboy. To get them, simply visit: 2287AD.com.

*PLEASE NOTE: All books in the series contain sensual content and sexual playful banter AND are set in ‘alien uplift’ version of creation. We recommend that people with strong religious beliefs or those that are offended by adult content between consenting adults NOT buy this book.

2287 A.D. follows the lives of Ashlyn Parker and Steven Sherrah, the man who is in command of Earth’s last surviving starship. He has been struggling to keep the handful of Earth’s survivors alive, hiding from the most vicious and powerful enemy humanity has ever known, an enemy that is relentless in his determination to see that every last human is killed.

His life is turned upside down as Ashlyn, a woman genetically engineered to be mentally and physically perfect – the next step in humanity’s evolution, awakens from stasis. For her protection, she had been cryogenically frozen when Earth was attacked. Her return is brutal, for she awakens fifteen years later into a post-apocalyptic Earth to find that everyone she had known before is gone, the world destroyed.

From the first moment that her distress signal is received and Steven rescues Ashlyn, his heart is inexplicably drawn to her, as she is to him. Her presence challenges his loyalty to those whom he loves and all that he has ever known. For within Ashlyn, she holds the secret to a shared past that he had never known existed. A past which will take them back in time almost 7,000 years, where they will journey through strange new worlds, changing the history of the universe for all time, and our understanding of everything as we know it.

OUR THANKS TO: Zechariah Sitchin, the Ancient Aliens show on History Channel, Erich von Daniken, Richard C. Hoagland, Gerald Clark and George Noory. Thank you for brightening the darkness and providing us with the backdrop for our heroes.

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