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12 Inches: A Secret Baby Dark Romance

I got a footlong. And it tastes so good.

You wanna tame Aidan Stone, you’re laboring in vain, darlin’.

There’s no way any woman alive can get over my Greek God body, with my 8-pack abs and bedroom eyes.

Abby Cleveland thinks she can change me.

Make me less of a playboy. More responsible. Take my hard-partying, womanizing ways and make me into a pillar of respectability.

Well, good luck to her.

Because it’s me that’s going to change her.

I’m going to open up a whole new world for her. Make her see things she never dreamt possible. Change the way she sees the world.

I’m going to do it by using my body.

I’ll let you guess what part…

**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone romance. No cliffhanger but it’s going to be a scorcher with scenes of MF, MFMM, and very mild FMF. HEA? You know it, babe.**

Featured Novel (8/2/2016): Erotica


Used at the Masquerade:
Ashley suddenly finds herself with a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a masquerade party full of billionaires. While she arrives alone she doesn’t remain that way for long. Soon an Alpha male recognizes her sex appeal and decides he’s going to get what he wants.

When Ashley is alone he makes his move. Soon she is writhing beneath his touch as he plunders her pucker for the first time. Soon he’s enjoying the creampie before moving to slicker regions. Before long he’s having his second meal and is well on his way to moving deeper into her other holes filling her with all the juice he’s got.
Leaving their masks on, they remain anonymous making their encounter even hotter.

Meeting My Master:
Rachael can’t believe her luck when she happens to meet a handsome billionaire at a friend’s wedding. He takes her back to his place but she loses her nerve when she begins to feel out of place. Michael is used to getting his way and tracks her down before she can escape. After a lustful tryst in public against the wall of his apartment complex Rachael doesn’t hear from him for nearly a week.

Out of the blue a large package arrives on Rachael’s doorstep. Opening the delivery invites her into a world she never imagined. Giving into her desire she agrees to let Michael show her what it means to be a master.

My Billionaire Alien Stepfather:
There’s just something about Rebecca’s boss. He’s attractive, has loads of money, and has decided to marry her mother. This situation puts him out-of-bounds for Rebecca but this Alpha is used to getting what he wants. Rebecca’s new stepfather is from out of this world and he has a mission he must keep before he returns to his home planet.

Will Rebecca succumb to her stepfather?
Will she learn what sets him apart from other men?
Will she agree to help him repopulate his home world?