Featured Novel (8/3/2016): Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

American Hercules: The Hind of Keryn: A Crime Serial

In the tradition of NBC’s The Blacklist and Blackout, Space Buggy Press is proud to present AMERICAN HERCULES, a modern reimagining of the strongman’s classic Labors!

A Lernean Hydra is found ritualistically murdered in Keryn, Oregon, and Nathan Hercules and Catherine Meda are on the scene to investigate. What soon becomes clear to the members of Labor Division is that Henry Echidna’s reasons for being in Keryn are not what they initially appear, and that these reasons connect the town’s founder, Diana Artemis, to the missing Washington Zeus and a mysterious group known only as the Phorcydes Collective.

Back in D.C., Director Landon Eurystheus employs Persephone to spy on one member of his team, concerned there might be a traitor in their midst.

And in flashback action, delve into the history of Catherine Meda and her connection with the Midas Corporation!

THE HIND OF KERYN is part 3 of a 6-part crime serial with the following release schedule:

Season 1: The Hunt for Zeus

Episode: Available
#1: The Lion of Nemea: Now
#2: The Hydra of Lerna: Now
#3: The Hind of Keryn: Now
#4: The Boar of Acadia: December 20, 2016
#5: The Stables of Augea: January 5, 2016
#6: The Birds of Stymph: January 20, 2016

All single episodes will only be available in ebook format. The Collected Edition of Season 1: The Hunt for Zeus will be available in ebook and paperback formats on February 5, 2016. The price of the collected ebook edition will be the same price as purchasing the six individual episodes.